Thursday, October 25, 2007

See what a Teenage SlimyWorm says about Movies

Hi! I'm SlimyWorm!

Hello out there to all those movie lovers!! I'm SlimyWorm and I am blogging from a teenagers view on movies. I will be commenting on how well the movies did in theatres as well as on DVD and much much more. My friend JuicyWorm will be helping me blog about all the "juicy" information on the movies.

Who should read this blog?
Our blog is for all people and especially for those out there who love to watch movies. Juicy and I will enjoy blogging about the things we love and we hope you will enjoy the blog posts as much as we enjoyed writing them.

What our blogs will include!
Our movie blogs will help you keep up on what movies are big hits, must sees, movies that bombed, top selling DVDs, and what the upcoming movies are. We also will have video clips and trailers for upcoming movies. So come visit our blogs!

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redneckroper said...

I like the way yaw set up the blog it makes it very interesting. It gives me a good look at movies that is would like to see. It tells readers things that they would like to know.

Clay Crusher said...

I can't wait to read your blogs.