Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Book Come Alive

Twilight is a romantic-fantasy directed by Catherine Hardwicke. The movie Twilight is based upon a series of books, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn by author Stephenie Meyer. It was adapted into a film by Summit Entertainment. Filming took place mainly in Washington and Oregon during the spring and winter of 2008. The music of Twilight was composed by Carter Burwell, along with other bands like Muse and Linkin Park. The soundtrack was released on November 4, 2008. Twilight has grossed an average $35.7 million, which includes $7 million in ticket sales from its midnight showing on November 21, 2008. The movie is ranked third overall for online ticket service Fandango. Twilight has the biggest opening day gross for a non-summer movie. Summit Entertainment has recently announced that the sequel, New Moon, is in the works. I just saw Twilight and loved it!! I also read the books which were fantastic and very addicting. You must READ them! I read them in less then a day literally. I actually thought the movie was really close to the book, surprising I know. But, there were a few scenes that were added and changed but it was nothing that would ruin the movie from the book. If you hadn’t read the book then you would have never known it was a little different. The pace was a little slow, but if you think about it the book was too in a way. Now, I’m not saying it was ridiculously slow, but it wasn’t an action packed fighting movie. It’s a love story, but there is a fight scene which is really cool. I only wish it lasted a little longer. Twilight was definitely a movie I would recommend going to see especially if you read the book. Stephenie Meyer even makes an appearance in the film. The big question is, "Will these books/movies be as big as the Harry Potter Series?" What do you think?

The Love Story
Isabella "Bella" Swan (Kristen Stewart) moves from her home in Phoenix, Arizona to live with her dad in Forks, Washington, where it is never sunny. Bella quickly draws the attention of many students, especially boys. But what Bella doesn’t know, was that when she sat next to Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) on that first day of school, was that her life was about to change forever. Edward acts strange around her as if she smells bad. Edward even tries to change class schedule so he doesn’t have to sit beside her. Later on, Bella meets an old friend named Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), who belongs to the local Indian tribe. She questions Jacob about Edward’s family only to hear a tribal legend that said Edward and his family were vampires. Jacob also tells her that they are different. They don’t drink human blood only animal blood. A few days later, Edward and Bella sneak off, and Bella, not fully understanding the whole vampire thing, demands some answers to his strangeness. Edward explains why his family is so called “different”, and why he avoided her in the beginning. He claimed that her blood was just too desirable for him, and he had never wanted anything so much in his life. It was impossible for him to stay away from her anymore. He also told her that he was 108 years old and had been 17 for a while. Eventually, Bella and Edward fall in love. Their love is soon strained when and unknown vampire coven, a vampire coven who feeds on human blood, enters Forks and puts Bella in severe danger. The Cullen’s come up with a plan to distract James (Cam Gigandet), the leader of the coven who is now hunting Bella for sport. Edward’s brother and sister, Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) and Alice (Ashley Greene), take Bella back to Phoenix while the others split up leaving traces for James to follow. Bella escapes Alice and Jasper to confront James, who has supposedly kidnapped her mother. Luckily, James doesn’t have Bella’s mother, it was only a trap to get Bella to come to him. Just as James is closing in, Edward shows up to save her. A battle erupts and Bella is bitten, but Edward is able to suck the venom out before she is transformed into a monster. Afterwards, Edward makes Bella go to their prom. There, Bella tells Edward that she loves him and wants to become a vampire so she never has to lose him. To her dismay, that is a request that Edward absolutely refuses to let happen. So for now, they will love each other vampire and human.

Humans vs. The Undead
I thought the cast was excellently cast! I thought each character fit his/her character from the book exactly. Kristen Stewart played Bella Swan, who I thought she was pretty good for the role. Robert Pattinson played Edward Cullen, who can read everyones minds except Bella. When I first heard he was playing Edward Cullen, I didn't think he was the best choice. I thought they could have gotten someone better, but after seeing pictures and trailers my views changed. I thought he did a really good job and was a good choice for the character. I only wish he would do something about his hair. Each Cullen was exactly how I pictured them from the book. Peter Facinelli played Carlisle Cullen, a doctor and the father figure of the Cullens, Elizabeth Reaser was Esme Cullen, The mother figure and Carlisle's wife, Ashley Greene played Alice Cullen, who can see the future, and Jackson Rathbone was Jasper Hale, who can manipulate emotions. Alice and Jasper were an item. Nikki Reed played Rosalie Hale, the most beautiful of the Cullen's and also the one who despised Bella the most. Kellan Lutz played Emmett Cullen, the strongest and scariest of the Cullen's. Emmett and Rosalie were together. Cam Gigandet played James, the leader of the nomadic vampire and one of the hottest vampires I've ever seen! Edi Gathegei played Laurent and Rachelle Lefevre was Victoria, James' mate, were the other two vampires in the nomadic coven. Rachelle Lefvre was perfectly cast for the character of Victoria. She was exactly how I pictured her from the books. Sarah Clarke played Renee, Bella's mother, and Billy Burke was Charlie Swan, Bella's father and Chief of Police of Forks. Charlie was hilarious in the film! Taylor Lautner was Jacob Black, and Gil Birmingham was Billy Black, Jacob's father. Solomon Trimble was Sam Uley, an Indian from the local tribe. Christian Serratos was Angela Webber, Michael Welch was Mike Newton, Anna Kendrick was Jessica Stanley, Justin Chon was Eric Yorkie, and Gregory Tyree Boyce was Tyler Crowley, all of which were some of Bella's friends. They were also really funny and caused a lot of laughs. Ned Bellamy and Jose Zuniga also had roles in the film.

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