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Leatherheads is a romantic-comedy directed by George Clooney who actually stars in the film alongside Renee Zellweger and John Krasinski. The movies location was Duluth, Minnesota, but it was really filmed in South Carolina and North Carolina. Even though Clooney tried his hardest in the film, it only grossed $13.5 million on its opening weekend. The main audience for the movie was estimated between viewers in their 30s and 40s. Although I did go see the movie, and I'm not that old. I thought the movie was rather boring at points. There were some very funny parts that I loved and can't wait to watch again, but then again there were parts in the film that bored me to death. Also some of my friends said the same thing as I did. Maybe if you are a big time football player you might enjoy the movie more than I did.

The Game
Dodge Connelly (George Clooney) is a charming pro football player in 1925. After finding out that his football team, the Duluth Bulldogs, lose their sponsor, he is intent on finding someway to bring football back to Duluth. Carter Rutherford (John Krasinski), a young college football player/war hero crosses paths with Dodge, and he is immediately asked to join the team. Carter not only is a war hero, but he is a fabulous football player with mad skills. Carter supposedly single handedly forced a group of German soldiers to surrender in WWI, but for Lexi Littleton (Renee Zellweger) this story is to good to be true. Lexi soon sets out to learn the truth about the so called war hero, Carter Rutherford. Throughout the time Lexi spends with the football team, she begins to fall for none other than Dodge Connelly. Dodge soon finds out that the once fun game of football he knew has changed to a game filled with rules and lies. Dodge has to find a way to keep his team going and get the girl.

The Players
Leatherheads's cast is hilarious. George Clooney and John Krasinski really make the film funny. Renee Zellweger lights up the screen in her always red clothes, and Jonathan Pryce plays CC, Carter's manager. Wayne Duvall (Cousin of Robert Duvall) plays the Duluth Bulldogs coach. There were many many other actors who played the parts of football players and war veterans.

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