Sunday, May 25, 2008

He's Back Again

A Prediction
This is a prediction post based on what I think The Dark Knight will turn out to be. Of course, The Dark Knight is the sequel to Batman Begins. It is said to be released on July 18 of this year. Batman Begins grossed a worldwide average of $371,824,647. I really like the first Batman so I'm hoping The Dark Knight turns out to be even better and hopefully does better in theaters. I don't know much about the plot of the movie so I'll do my best to give a review that doesn't spoil the whole movie.

Terror in Gotham
A year after defeating the Scarecrow, Batman (Christian Bale) with the help of Lieutenant James Gordon (Gary Oldman) continue to capture criminals in Gotham City. A new psychopathic criminal known as, The Joker (Heath Ledger), has entered Gotham and is wreaking havoc in the streets. Bruce Wayne aka Batman must go against everything he stands for to defeat this new deranged killer.

The Cast
Christian Bale is once again taking the name of Batman in hopes of getting an even better response from audiences. The late Heath Ledger was also cast as the one and only Joker. Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine are also returning, and Aaron Eckhart is going to be a new face to look for in the film . Unfortunately, Katie Holmes will not be back to play Rachel Dawes; instead, Maggie Gyllenhaal will portray her.

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